History of the Academy

The International Academy for History of Science will celebrate its centenary in 2027. In its century of existence, the Academy has been a microcosm of the discipline and has reflected, in its composition, in the profile of its members, in its activities and in its publications, the evolution of institutional structures, problems, approaches and methods. In fact, it is the entire historiography of science in the 20th century that can be read through the prism of the Academy.
The latest history of the Academy can be found in the Yearbook published by Emmanuel Poulle and Robert Halleux in 2002. A new history is desired, not only by the members of the Academy, but by the entire scientific community.

This new history will draw on a very rich archive. The CAPHÉS (Centre d'Archives en Philosophie, Histoire et Édition des Sciences), established at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, rue d'Ulm, has kept the archives since the foundation of the Academy. The inventory can be consulted online by clicking here. The CAPHÉS also preserves the archives of the Division of History of Science and Technology of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (UIHPST-DHST) and the personal papers of several eminent members of the Academy.

This programme will be carried out by Chantal Grell, archivist of the Academy, and Nathalie Queyroux, head of the CAPHÉS Documentary Centre, with Robert Halleux, honorary perpetual secretary, as scientific advisor. Interviews with senior members of the Academy and its former officers will complement the archive research.