Edition of the correspondence of Johannes Hevelius

The edition of the correspondence of Johannes Hevelius is an enterprize conducted in partnership by the International Academy of the History of Science and the Polish Academy of Sciences, under the auspices of the International Union of Academies, with the support of the Juanelo Turriano Foundation.

The first volume, the Critical Prolegomena, under the direction of Chantal Grell, came from the printers on 4 April 2014 and was presented to the mayor of the city of Gdansk and the Polish authorities on 7 April 2014. It contains a new biography of Hevelius (Chantal Grell), a short overview of the constitution of the Hevelian corpus (Harald Siebert), a description of existing manuscripts and a history of their dismemberment by Libri (Susan Keyes), a very precious chronological inventory of the letters (Susan Keyes, Klaus-Dieter Herbst), subsidia heveliana, an overview of the historiography on Hevelius (Chantal Grell, Klaus-Dieter Herbst, Maria Otto, Maciej Jasinski).
The Critical Prolegomena will be presented to the scientific community in the fall at the Paris headquarters of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The following volumes are in preparation:

Vol. 2 : Correspondence with Peter Cruger, Maria Otto and Jarosław Włodarczyk (27 letters).
Vol. 3 : Correspondence with the Court of France, Chantal Grell (92 letters) (Chapelain: 41, Colbert: 26, Baluze: 3, Louis XIV: 9, Perrault: 13).
Vol. 4 : Correspondence with Pierre Des Noyers, Chantal Grell, Igor Kraszewski, with the collaboration of Denis Savoie and Susan Keyes (256 letters).
Vol. 5 : Correspondence with Italy, Giunia Totaro (71 letters) (Kircher: 14, Leopold of Tuscany: 24, Magliabecchi: 10, Riccioli: 8, Vinaccesi: 15).
Vol. 6 : Correspondence with Lubieniecki, Maciej Jasinski, Jarosław Włodarczyk (95 letters).

These volumes will be advertised on the Brepols web site.

Correspondence published in the paper volumes will be simultaneously published online in the Brepols Library of Latin Texts (LLT).

The ultimate goal is to produce an electronic edition in chronological order.


This provisional inventory is an extract of the metadata generated for the preparation of the digitization and the publication of the correspondence of Hevelius. It comprises the most pertinent descriptors: volume number, principal document number (if there is one), author, recipient, type of document, language, transcription of place and date, toponyms of origin and destination (if mentioned), and the number of leaves.
The language is indicated according to the standard ISO 639-2 = dut, eng, fre, ger, ita, lat, mul (more than one language). If the date is written in 2 styles with numbers superposed, it is transcribed with a " / ". The toponyms are in the language of the country where the locality is found today.